Intraius law firm

Law firm specialising in international and family law

Intraius is an international and multidisciplinary law firm with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.
The location of our headquarters is a clear expression of the dynamic and entrepreneurial nature of our firm, as well as its international scope. In recent years, Barcelona has become one of the most significant European cities for international business, and is a meeting point for different cultures—both social and business. More and more foreigners are establishing themselves or regularly stopping over in this city, and at the same time many businesses are “visiting” the Catalan capital for networking events, conventions, to establish offices here or to set up links with local businesses. Barcelona also represents an ideal bridge to the South American market for European businesses, and is an increasingly popular meeting point for businesses and individuals from Russia and other post-soviet countries, the Middle East, the Arab Emirates and even Asian countries like China and Japan.

At Intraius, we work to guarantee each and every one of our clients a specialised and expert legal advice service. We guide our clients so that they can find and decide upon the solution that best meets their needs. We guide them step-by-step, right by their side throughout the entire process, and are always ready to respond to any changes in the scenario.

Thanks to our multicultural team, we are ready to attend to clients of different nationalities, or who, in specific cases, need to have dealings with foreign bodies and laws.
In these such circumstances—as well as a direct and expert knowledge of international and national rules of foreign countries—we give our clients the possibility of understanding not only what the laws mean, but also a certain legal and socioeconomic context, with the latter encompassing the operability of these laws.
Our team is composed of expert lawyers in international and commercial law, which allows us to support our clients both personally and in business.
The integral commitment we make to our clients, as well as the ethical nature of our profession, lies in the conviction that their wellbeing and satisfaction are directly related to our firm’s growth and prestige.
Our main headquarters are located in Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city that is a real hub for global business. We also have a number of offices, associates and trusted partners in countries like Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Russia and Ukraine.