Consultancy services for investors and entrepreneurs

International citizens and investors

With our multicultural team, the knowledge of different languages and of the international and national regulations of different countries, we are the ideal partner for any individual, entrepreneur or business wishing to make an international investment.

Be it a real estate or business investment our firm is right beside clients every step of the way, providing knowledge and ensuring compliance with all of the legal requirements that apply to each situation in different countries.

In particular, we are experts in advising on real estate and business investments.

In the real estate sector, we put forward our direct knowledge and expertise in the number one real estate market in Europe that is also among the best in the world: Barcelona.

We also help with real estate sales and purchase agreements throughout Spain, as well as in Italy, Russia and Ukraine.

We offer a specialised counselling service for business projects: from market and legal research to the elaboration of the business plan, the harmonisation of the project with public and private regulations (if any), access to financial assistance and incentives, labour relations, tax and fiscal relations, and a wide range of other of services.


We are specialists in the processing of visa and citizenship programmes for investors.

More and more European countries are developing this useful tool to attract foreign investors, offering the benefits of a visa or citizenship of one of the European Union or Schengen area member states for investors and their families.

With our expert knowledge of the different visa and citizenship programmes, we guide our clients to choose and apply for the programme that best suits their needs and objectives.