Surrogacy consultancy

Intraius is the product of a merge between three of the best surrogacy lawyers, and with proven expertise in the sector, we are without a doubt one of the best surrogacy law firms in the world. Our partners’ cultural knowledge and deep understanding of different legislations gives Intraius the know-how to advise not only Spanish clients, but people of any nationality.

Intraius has headquarters in Barcelona, Kiev and Moscow, which allows us to be side by side with our clients during every step of the process: the initial phase, the contractual phase, the medical side and, finally the delicate registration phase and the child’s return to the commissioning parents’ home country.

The firm’s objective is to help people wanting a child to make this dream come true, and to be at their side during every step of the process. Intraius can advise during the initial phase of the process (advise and help the client to choose the country in which to carry out the process), during the pregnancy phase, and in the revision of contracts with clinics, surrogate mothers, foreign bodies, etc. Regarding the sensitive moment of the child’s registration before the destination country’s consular authorities, we personally accompany our clients (if required), return with them and can be present at the customs control point. Our aim is to provide a top-quality comprehensive surrogacy service; bespoke in relation to the individual needs of the clients, who can choose to be assisted and advised in only certain phases of the process if they so wish. Our offer of surrogacy services also includes advice for the obtaining of maternity and paternity leave for the intended parents.

Our knowledge of surrogacy doesn’t stop at the theoretical side of things: all Intraius partners, from the beginning of their career, have travelled to the destination countries, dealt with the consular authorities, and agreed on settlements. Our lawyers have extensive experience in negotiation with senior staff from institutional offices and in the global management of complex cases.

The guarantee of our commitment rests on our awareness of the delicate nature of these matters and the passion we have for our work. Due to these factors, we fully engage ourselves with each client’s story in order to always be close at hand to help and advise, through the good times and the difficult ones.

Surrogacy is a legally and clinically complex and uncertain procedure, and is also extremely emotionally sensitive.

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage these tensions – there can be very delicate moments. There is no instruction manual on how to act when faced with such situations, as each story is very personal. However, the experience we have from dealing with so many cases assures us that the beautiful moment will eventually arrive… a hug from our clients, thanking us for everything we have done for them.

Contact us, and we would be honoured to help you make your dream come true.